Isaac. A Brief Intro.

I have been developing websites and web applications nearly since my family signed up for Internet access in 1997. I came across a simple book about HTML and was amazed how a simple tool like notepad could make a web site with links and images on the world wide web. And so I created a my first website, dedicated to my favorite video game.

In high school I had aspired to be a 3D animator, but in my senior year a friend of mine showed me something called Active Server Pages. Suddenly the web pages I was writing could actually do things. Like talk to databases and send emails. I was hooked. This interactive thing was just to good to pass up as a career.

Luckily one of the schools I was looking at for 3D Animation also happened to have a interactive media program and in and the Fall of 2002 I enrolled and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. AIP was a great experience for me I was given the freedom to explore a variety of new media and deepen my knowledge of areas I was already working in. While there I learned about audio, video and how to better design with an eye for interaction and how to bring it all together with programing to make it truly impacting. School also offered up opportunities for freelance work and internships which first introduced me to the professional field.

After graduation I join a interactive marketing firm on Pittsburgh's north shore where I learned to deepen my skills and hone them on real world problems of design and programing. Additionally my skill set grew to include many different server and clients side development techniques, including valid and semantic X/HTML and CSS, Flash, .Net technologies and Javascript / AJAX.

In fall of 2008 I decided that I could expand my skill set and experience by delving into a related but significantly different occupational field, video game development. I joined a firm in Pittsburgh's south side where I learned many new techniques and approaches, both technically and philosophically, to interactive media, story, and entertainment.

Two years later in the fall of 2010 I joined another game development company, Crowdstar Inc., and made my move to Silicon Valley. There I delved deeper into the wide world of game development and learned much including what it means to work on games at a scale of thousands of concurrent users. I also learned a considerable amount about the design decisions and psychology that goes into modern games.

Staring in 2012 I transitioned into mobile app programing which was an eye opening and enlightening experience. I was part of a team that was charged with developing an engine for internal use with the goals of being cross platform (iOS/android) and able to leverage our existing Flash art pipeline. The culmination of this work lead to Top Stylist

Early 2013 I decided to transition back to agency life and joined JUXT, a digital interactive agency in San Francisco. At JUXT I had the opportunity to work with talented designers and engineers on projects for large brands including NFL Networks, Salesforce, Plantronics, and Cisco. Work at JUXT allowed the opportunity to work on a wider variety of platforms including large format touch screens and video walls.

In 2016 I transitioned to Stimulant, another San Francisco design and technology agency. Stimulant has a strong focus on projects focusing on physical spaces and inversive experiences. At Stimulant I have been able to continue expanding my skill sets and have had opportunity to work with excellent clients including Intel, GSK, Visa, and Gensler as well as many absolutely amazing coworkers.

Today I continue to pursue new and better ways of producing creative and engaging user experiences online and off.

Skills and Technologies

Preferred Languages & Platforms

  • TouchDesigner
  • Cinder
  • OpenFrameworks
  • Processing
  • C, C++, Objective C
  • Javascript
  • Node
  • THREE.js
  • D3.js
  • OpenCV
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Git

Stuff I Really Like To Do

  • Installation Development
  • Hardware Integration
  • Data Visualization

Other Things I've Been Known to Work On

  • Web Site Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Game Development
  • Web Application Development

Other Languages & Tech I've Worked With

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Flash
  • SQL Databases
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Adobe Software