Hololens Wayfinding

While working at Stimulant I was given a number or research and development tasks. One of the tasks I was given was to investigate uses for the Microsoft Hololens. The Hololens provides many opportunities to digitally augment the built environment. Of the several investigated possibilities we found digital wayfinding one of the most compelling.

In this application I mapped the office using the Hololens’s environment-scanning capabilities. Within this scan I placed a network of wayfinding nodes. By labeling these nodes and utilizing the Hololens' built-in voice recognition capabilities I created a system where you could ask where you wanted to go and a stream of particles would illuminate the way to the desired location.

The resulting video for this was widely shared and resulted in one of our existing clients commissioning a similar Hololens-based wayfinding demo-application for their prototype production facility.

Technologies Involved: Hololens SDK, Unity, C#

Developed while employed at Stimulant

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