Stimulant Smart Space Entryway Experience

Stimulant wanted a way to present clients visiting their space with an experience that prepared their imagination for the kind of experiences that Stimulant designs and executes.

This application provides an entry experience and also functions a doorbell for the space. As the elevator door opens to the Stimulant office vestibule the lighting in the vestibule changes from a white light to Stimulant green. When the user enters the vestibule their presence is detected and ambient music begins to play. A rear-projected window display displays text asking them to come and draw on the touch-enabled glass. The guest is then able to draw an abstract symmetrical shape which is rotated around in the third dimension, creating an unusual and unique artwork. After a period of inactivity or when the guest reaches the maximum draw limit a doorbell chime is sounded in the vestibule and on a raspberryPi in the office, where a staff member can then come and let the guest in. Upon leaving the system displays a different message and plays different music.

This application relied on many different technologies. The main visual application was written in THREE.js. The sensing platform was a C++ application written in Cinder which communicated via OSC with a node application which served the render application and communicated with it over websockets. The server also communicated with the lighting instrument via DMX. The office doorbell utilized a custom python script on a raspberryPi.

This application provided an excellent talking point with clients that visited the space and clearly demonstrated our approach to a complete and integrated technology platform.

Technologies Involved: THREE.js, node, Cinder, C++, python, RPi, DMX, Kinect

Developed while employed at Stimulant

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